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In Evidenza

On Wednesday, EU representatives are expected to share important results of the LIFE BIOPOL project in a meeting with Ilsa, Codyeco, the Cà Foscari University of Venice, Inpelsa and Dercosa.

Launched in 2015 and co-funded by the EU under the 2014–20 LIFE programme, LIFE BIOPOL has demonstrated that is possible to further utilize industrial by-products, otherwise destined for landfills, in order to produce low impact chemicals for the leather sector...

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Ilsa products are exactly what they say they are

The Ilsa company laboratory achieves impeccable results in the inter-laboratory tests organized by the UNICHIM, the Association for the Unification of the Chemical Industry Sector, confirming the reliability of the products analysis. This means extra safety for farmers who choose Ilsa’s fertilizers and biostimulants for their crops.

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The new European Fertilizer Regulation

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